Bye Bye Spanks- Thanks to Nutrisystem!!


Well, I started my journey with Nutrisystem 15 weeks ago and it has been life changing. Yesterday I had a doctor appointment and had to step on the scale, which I was actually excited about. We all know that the scale at the doctors office never lies! Really, the scale at my house will can be adjust depending on the room and time of day that I step on it; however, the scale at the doctor’s office never lies. So, when I had to step on the scale an an annual checkup, I expected to see around 150. I almost passed out when seeing 138.0.

Now, I am not writing this for pats on the back and to brag about how awesome I look (lol), I am more in shock to see that I lost over 40 lbs since starting May 1. My biggest dilemma each week during my Bargain Segment on WBRE PA Live was if I should wear Spanx (which I borrowed from my mom). If any of you ever wore Spanx, you know that they are so not comfortable. I mean really, no one ever says “My Spanx feel so great under layers of clothing!” Some weeks I totally forgot and other weeks I just couldn’t be bothered and would kick myself when watching the video (like the image below)

OMG- This was filmed in April on PA Live and look at my belly (it looks like I am preggo)..


The picture below is from a filming this week, September. I am so confident to stand right in front of the camera without Spanx on 🙂

Recently, I decided to give my mother back her Spanx since I will not be needing them. This week my goal is to buy some new underwear and throw away my maternity under. (I just hate getting rid of anything, but I know that I can’t go on wearing my maternity underwear- TMI, sorry)…

What am I doing now still on Nutrisystem? Since I have already reached my goal weight, I still continue to use Nutrisystem because it’s just so convenient.  The past four months have taught me so much about food and how I was eating way to much that my body just didn’t need. I was feeling sluggish and depressed due to the lack of sleep and craziness of having 3 kids ages 5 and under.  I now recognize to stop eating when full, and I am trying to teach my kids the same. I have also cut the portion size for my kids’ meals. It’s amazing how gross that I feel after sneaking some ice cream at night, but I think it’s important to splurge every now and then for your body to reject the bad food. The 5 Lessons I learned from this life changing journey:

  • Use smaller plates
  • Eat protein in the morning/afternoon to fuel your body
  • Eat Carbs in the afternoon and night (totally shocked me)
  • Avoid Pasta & Snacks
  • You don’t have to clean your plate
  • Stick to 1200 calories a day and you will still function!
(opps..I see that’s size, I probably could have written 100 lessons)

My sister, Tara,  just started her first week of Nutrisystem, so I am excited to watch her journey and write about it as well. Follow my progress weekly  on the blog (but I am sure you can read complaints success daily on Facebook and twitter..) Read how I got started and what was going through my mind here. 

Disclaimer:  Nutrisystem is sending me 4 months of products in return to share my experience. All opinions are 100% mine and are not altered in any way.

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