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Grill season is here, for us it started as soon as the snow melted and will last through until the snow comes back. The smell of grilled food just travels through the air on warm summer nights and it’s contagious. Think about it. How many times have you smelled someone grilling food and thought, that’s a good idea for dinner? Grilling is a huge money saver because the items that can be grilled vary in price and could be very cheap or very expensive depending on your budget. Another reason to fire up the grill is to avoid the heated up kitchen. Grilling is more efficient an uses less energy than using the stovetop or oven.

Pictured above is my new addiction, grilled nachos. I added some left over Turkey Taco Meat from the night before and pilled on the cheddar cheese, used a non-stick grilling platter and pre-heated the grill to 400 degrees. Within in 5 minutes, we had grilled taco nachos with the cheese melted perfectly. It was a quick and easy lunch with no clean up. Seriously, grilling not only saves energy by not adding the extra heat from the stove and over to the house, but miniml cleanup (no dishes or pots and pans).



After a long day of running the kids from one camp to another with a little swimming in between, I can’t imagine standing in front of the stovetop to make dinner, so again, I turn to my grill.  Plus, I love watching the kids play in the yard while I am grilling on the deck. My neighbor calls me Bobby Flay because I use the grill so much during the summer, rain or shine, I am out there grillin’! My go to meal is a quick burger or hot dog with a grilled potato and grilled corn. What’s your go to meal?



Grilling Tips:

  • Preheat your grill 12-25 minutes before you start cooking to make sure it reaches the right temperature. A properly heated grill sears food on contact and keeps the insides moist.
  • Try cleaning last year’s gunk off your grill when it’s hot. After you preheat, use a long-handled wire grill brush on your grill rack to clean off anything that remains from your last meals. Scrape again immediately after use.
  • Need to check to see if your meat is done? The best way is to use a thermometer with instant-read functions.
  • To reduce flare-ups, select lean cuts of meat, trim excess fat and remove poltry skin. Keep a squirt bottle of water nearby-just in case.
  • Let finished meats rest on a clean platter, tented with foil, for about 10 minutes after they cook and before carving so juices can redistribute evenly.
  • Always use fresh plates, utensils and cutting boards to prevent raw meat, poultry and fish from contaminating cooked food.
  • For more efficient recipes, check out the PPL Electric Utilities Taste the Energy Savings Blog and PPL Electric Utilities’ Pinterest

Don’t sneak a peak! Although it can be tempting, try to resist the urge to repeatedly poke, stake or flip your food. Give it time to sear and develop a crust. Turn only when grill marks form.

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