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At least twice a year I get the urge to rearrange and organize and clean our home.  In the spring, the heavy blankets get put away, the winter clothes go to the cedar chest, the windows get cleaned, the stack of towels gets moved closer to the entrances (where busy children would otherwise enter the house sopping wet).  You know – things just get moved around a little to accommodate the activities of the season.  The reverse happens in the fall, the snuggly blankets get pulled back out, the warm sweaters brought back into rotation, etc.  I find that the fall season also encourages me to put new organizational system into practice.  Perhaps it’s the impending realization that we’ll all be spending more time indoors, sharing this space, that stirs the urge to get things in order?   At any rate, as I was straightening the sewing room the other day, a little stale from months of inactivity, I glanced into the open closet and my eye caught the storage system my Eldest Girl Chicken helped me create.   Such a simple solution, I thought.  Granted, it took a little time to “save up” the supplies, but in the end, the entire “system” was free.  The next thought was, “It was FREE.  I gotta share this at Bucktown Bargains!”  Haa!

May I present to you, our Coffee Can Storage Solution 🙂  :

BB. Coffee Can Org. 2


Very simple, right?  And SO functional!  We simply purchased our coffee in cans.  When empty, we brushed out any remaining grounds (though any that are left smell wonderful :)), removed the manufacturers label, printed out our own labels in an easy to read font, and taped the labels onto the cans  with clear, wide tape.  Each can already had it’s own perfectly fitted lid.  And should we need more, the system can be expanded with each additional can of coffee we go through.  YAY!  Don’t you love simple solutions?

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