“Curious George Swings into Spring (April 22)

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Happy Spring! PBS KIDS and Curious George are celebrating the arrival of spring with the premiere of “CuriousGeorge Swings into Spring.” The 1 hour special is premiering on Monday, April 22 (Earth Day!), but my family had a chance to preview this special over the weekend.

You know it must be springtime if a curious monkey named George is dancing on the balcony at sunrise! George is so excited about Spring that he wants Hundley to have Spring Fever too. But even blooming flowers, baby animals and canoe rides cannot make Hundley love Spring. Even worse, Hundley gets lost in the country. Searching for his lost friend, George accidentally launches the hot air balloon rally and sails over the countryside. Luckily he manages to grab Hundley from a hilltop along the way. Together they return triumphantly to the city. The Man with the Yellow Hat, the Doorman and Lydia stage a daring rooftop balloon rescue. Not only are George and Hundley saved, but they manage to win the coveted Spring Building Prize! Finally, to George’s delight, now Hundley has Spring Fever too!

And to add more fun to the mix, PBS KIDS has created fun Curious George activities to help your family explore the outdoors this spring. Check out some of the neat activities you can do with your kids with just a few items you already have in the house.

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So, we started the Bird Feeder but then couldn’t fine the top to the 2 liter bottle, so we have to wait until tomorrow to share the final product. But pictured is the neat package that can be used to make the Bird Feeder. Check out these cool crafts to complete with the kids..

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