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Photo Source: The Pioneer Woman

So how ’bout instead of a recipe this week, I share a recipe “help”? I cannot tell you how excited I was to learn this little tip last week. I couldn’t wait to try it out! I didn’t have to hold out long. You see, our family, ESPECIALLY Baby Chicken, loves it when I dress their dinner salads with grape or cherry tomatoes. They love ’em. Lot’s of them. Do you know how many of those little buggers I cut in 1/2 for a family of 7 to feast on? It takes some time, man. So, thank-you to all the women who submitted this piece of advice to Ree Drummond, i.e. THE Pioneer Woman, and that she in turn, shared with the rest of her readers. I am grateful. I’m sure you too will find this tip both expedient and fun!

Sandwich your washed tomatoes between two Tupperware lids.  Now, holding the top lid down with one hand, use a sharp knife and slice right between the middle of the lids.  Tada!  30 seconds and you have a load of halved cherry tomatoes!  Beautiful.


Photo Source: The Pioneer Woman
Photo Source: The Pioneer Woman

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