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For years I have been making the typical new years’ resolutions that revolve around getting healthy and building up my savings account, but this year I have decided to make a different type of resolution which is to choose joy. As a working mother with three kids, my weekdays are filled with craziness from start to finish, my day seems to be hectic. So, I have decided that my weekends are not going to be so hectic and I started saying no to things that I normally would say yes. I am trying to let my kids play more and spend more time hanging out with them whether watching a movie or roller skating. I stopped signing my kids up for so many weekend activities and I have also turned down some playdates. Making the choice to participate in activities that not only bring my children joy, but also bring me joy. I used to try to conquer the world on the weekends but I found myself exhausted and lashing out on the kids. I am trying to have the kids help more with chores so that we can do the fun things on the weekends and stress over housework.

 Making the conscious decision to be more joyful and enjoy the time off with my kids and husband is my goal for the new year. I am loving these adorable shirts from Cents of Style that inspire us to stick to our goals and do what makes us happy. Plus, they are super cute. Wearing my shirt starts so many conversations and people know my message that I choose joy. When you think about it, we all have the choice and can find something in our life that finds us happiness. So, that’s my choice- to choose joy! What is your one thing that will help make 2017 the best year yet?

The graphic tees at Cents of Style have served a variety of purposes…they inspire us, they make us laugh, remind us of our favorite shows, add a little snark to our day. There are many reasons we wear them and many messages they share with the world around us. This weekend, we are focusing on the tees that inspire us, make our hearts a little fuller, and make our days go just a little better. We have a lot of them around here, and heaven knows we need the little boost in January!

Inspirational Graphic T-Shirts at Cents of Style
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