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It seems that some of the ‘rules’ that we live by tend to fall by the wayside during the holidays. Now it’s time to get back on track by tackling some new years resolutions.  It’s time to get back in control of your finances, diet, and family while keeping energy efficiency top-of-mind, of course.

Money- Finding Balance with your Budget

It’s been a few months since the holidays, but there is never a  bad time to start saving money.

  • Set a goal what you are saving for (for example, is this for Christmas or maybe a special vacation)
  • Try not to borrow from the funds (unless there is an emergency)
  • Don’t keep the cash in your house – You will be more likely to dip into it
  • If you need to skip a week or add less, that’s ok. The goal is to save in the end, not go into debt from saving

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Family Time- Finding Balance with Family

The holidays were absolutely crazy for my family between Christmas shopping, visiting family, cooking and baking and running the kids to and from practice from holiday plays and concerts. The kids were off from school, but it seemed to be that we had something planned every day of break. So, we and we have spent the majority of our weekends in the new year catching up on quality family time. We have been crafting, bowling, watching movies, enjoying some home cooked meals but also heading out to our favorite restaurants to avoid going stir crazy. New year and new budget, so when we do head out to eat, we follow these 3 Tips for Dining out On a Budget.


The cold months just seem the best time to reconnect  with our family and unplug from technology. We started having “movie night” once a week and the kids got to see a lot of the movies that my husband and I watched as kids. A lot of these movies were on TV that we would DVR or we would stream them through Amazon, Netflix or Xfinity. There were some that we paid to rent, but it was worth every penny. The kids came up with a list of their favorites.

Top 10 Must SEE Family Movies -Voted By The UrbanKids

Top 10

Harry and the Hendersons

Harry And The Hendersons

Adventures in Babysitting 


Willy Wonka




Back to the Future


Uncle Buck


The Great Outdoors


Pee Wee’s Big Adventure




The Karate Kid


Crafts- Finding Balance with Kids

My kids just love crafts, so we try to keep a craft bucket in the house that keeps them busy on weekends and snow days. One of our favorite crafts is Making Easter Crayons or really, making crayons in general. Who doesn’t enjoy melting crayons into shapes? This is a fun family activity and could be used for gifts as well. This was more like an experiment as the kids were trying to mix crayons colors to create a themed Bunny crayon.


Dinner- Finding Balance with Quick Meals 

Another one of our ideas for Getting Back on Track for the new year was to eat healthy as a family. We often remind the kids to make healthy choices for snacks during days off or weekends when we have more opportunities to eat.  Eating healthy doesn’t mean you need to spend your days slaving over a hot stove. Don’t forget to check out the recipe for Pressure Cooker Buffalo Chicken Chili. We just love our Pressure Cooker because it allows us to save time and energy. Remember that slow cookers and pressure cookers use less energy than a conventional stove or oven.  Also, clean-up’s a breeze when you use a slow cooker liner. This Buffalo Chicken Chili is also a meal that can come in handy for the whole month since you can just freeze it in individual portions.


Buffalo Chicken Chili
Don’t be afraid of your slow cooker. Here are some Slow Cooker Myths Debunked.


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