Fourth of July Party Tips



As we get closer to the holiday weekend and the weather is supposed to be clear, now it’s time to think of Fourth of July Party Tips.

Planning The Party

Think about putting together an emergency basket filled with sunblock, bug spray, first aid items and some medicine for your guests to enjoy the party.


When buying party supplies, try to go for the solid items to mix and match in red, white and blue. You will overpay for party supplies with a flag on them.


Purchase store brand items and save money. Many store brands are just as good, if not better than brand name items. Stocking up on garbage bags and paper towels for the party, think about CVS brand since they are comparable to brand name quality.

Stock up on condiments. This is the best time of year to stock up the pantry, so take advantage of it for the rest of summer.

Don’t forget to clean the grill prior to the party. Check out my Chilling and Grilling Tips that I shared yesterday.


The Meal

Plan ahead and make ahead whenever you can. That means, you should purchase pre-made burgers or make the patties ahead of time. No one wants to watch you make burgers at the party.

Serve store brand buns. Again, they cost less and the quality is the same. I use Giant brand hamburger buns and hotdog buns.


Make ahead dishes like salads and even boil corn on the cob the night before and then toss on the grill the day of party to finish cooking. I found this recipe at Giant in their new Savory Magazine for  cheesy grilled corn on the cob – savory. I am going to try it over the weekend.

Dessert Ideas

I have shared this tip before and will continue to share this tip because it has saved me so much time from scooping ice cream at parties. Ice Cream Served Party Style is so easy and perfect for the holiday party!  We lined a couple of cupcake sheets with cupcake liners, and used an ice cream scoop to place equal amounts into each liner. them into said  liners.  Then, off to the freezer they went.  There.  Ice cream scooped.  And the day before the party, no less!   When party time came, we whisked the cupcake sheets from the freezer and served them at dessert time.


I found this recipe for Frozen Watermelon pops, but I can’t put the mint on because the kids will freak. But they were so easy to make and will be great a party.

watermelon ice pops with mint – savory

Screen Shot 2015-07-01 at 9.18.11 PM


If you search Strawberries and Blueberries for the 4th of July, you will get a ton of ideas on what you can do with the two for dessert. I am a very simple girl, so I think that putting out a few skewers and letting the kids make what they want on the fruit skewer and dip it in whipped cream is the best bet.


What are your 4th of July Party tips?

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