Fun for Kids #DisneyKids 2016 Preschool Playdates


We had an opportunity to host a #DisneyKids 2016 Preschool Playdates over the weekend thanks to Walk Disney World Resort and MomSelect. My kids are ages 9, 6, and 4, so we invited mostly Jaxon’s friends with their siblings.

My kids didn’t know what to expect while opening the Disney Playdate goodie box filled with Disney supplies and party favors featuring Disney Junior characters from The Lion Guard, Sofia the First and Jake and the Neverland Pirates. Also included were Walt Disney World Resort inspired crafts, created especially for the Disney Kids Preschool Playdate, Walt Disney World Resort Preschool Maps, Disney themed activities, such as Bingo, matching games and more – our favorite was tape the smile on Mickey. Check out our unboxing video below. All of the papers started flying around the neighborhood, so I had to cut the video short and chance the papers…haha


We hosted the party the weekend before Easter so we could have a special Easter Egg Hunt with the kids. We collected all our Disney stuffed animals, mini figures and dress up clothes for the guests to play with while waiting for others to arrive. The Disney mini figures were great for the young toddlers who weren’t able to play the preschool games. Each child was provided with a Disney Junior bag to collect their Easter Eggs.

This was such fun way to get the kids together over the long weekend and celebrate with all our favorite Disney characters. The Disney themed box as provided by MomSelect. It was such a treat to get friends together without the pressure of birthday celebration. There was no focus on gifts or cake- with the exception of my Mickey Mouse individual cakes.  The kids just had a good time playing games with their friends.

Disney Charades
Disney Charades

Our kids are huge fans of Charades Kids app, which features a section of Disney Charades, so this game was a huge hit. We played the Charades Kids app while waiting in lines in Disney. It was so much fun to meet and play the game with other people waiting in line. For this game at the preschool party, we held up Charades Cards and set the timer to see how many each player could guess right. You can easily make this game by printing pictures of your favorite Disney Characters and using those images. Know what would make this even more fun? Using pictures from your own Disney trip… Next time I am going to print some of our favorite Character pictures from our Disney trip last October.


Pin the Smile on Mickey- you could also make this at home. Just print out a picture of Mickey’s face and cut smile shapes out of construction paper. We just put a piece of tape on the smile and circled the kids around a few times. Jaxon was able to pin the smile on his first time 🙂



Lucas took the time to read “My Very, Very Smelly Breath” by Banfield Pet Hospital. This interesting scratch-and-sniff story was written to help children and pet owners provide the very, very best care for all their furry friends’ teeth.

Mickey Mouse Cakes with Mickey Mouse Waffle Maker


We used our favorite Disney Mickey Mouse Electric Waffle Maker to make cakes out of Party Rainbow Chip batter.  This was the first time using cake batter in our Waffle Maker, but it worked great. I just had to apply some non stick spray to the Waffle Maker before each use.


These were a huge hit with the kids as they were able to decorate their cake and add some ice cream to the top if they wanted.




The kids LOVED playing Disney inspired Bingo as they talked about their favorite Disney rides and which park they were located.


Jaxon had a wonderful time with his friends at his Disney Preschool Playdate! We look forward to making it a family tradition to host themed parties for the kids throughout the year.




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