Halloween Candy Buyback 2013- Get Cash for your Candy!

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Halloween Candy Buyback 2013- Get Cash for your Candy!

If I see another piece of candy I may just SCREAM! Seriously, I think that we started celebrating Halloween almost 3 weeks ago and the amount of candy that we have in our house is crazy! That is why I love the Halloween Candy Buyback programs.

DENTISTS “Buy” back Halloween candy from neighborhood kids, then send it to the troops overseas!

What a great way to brighten the day of an American Hero. Just head over here to search your zip code to see if your local Dentists are participating. 

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In NEPA, Orthodontic Specialists Dr. Jessica Falk and Dr. John Gershey are buying back your candy. Just bring in your left over candy to their Blakely office and Dr’s will give you $5. Help them beat last year’s record of 400 lbs of candy collected to send to the troops!

Have any other tips for reusing your Halloween Candy? Let us know!!

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