How to Buy Chicken in Bulk and Save!

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How to Buy Chicken in Bulk and Save!

Do you buy chicken in bulk? I tend to go through grocery shopping stages throughout the year, but I can tell you that during the winter, I hate having to run to the store for chicken when it’s so much easier to take frozen meats out for dinner.  I defiantly try to meal plan during the winter. One way that I save with Meal Planning by purchasing bulk meats and making a few meals for the week as well as using my FoodSaver to freeze the rest. This post will focus on buying chicken in bulk to save money.

Besides getting a good deal on bulk chicken to save money with your family meals. I look to buy chicken in bulk at around $1.89lb, which I found at Sam’s Club. The package pictured below was around $12.00, so about 6.35lbs and we are a family of 5. Recently, I was introduced to the Nonstick Chef’s Knife, 5″ from Good Cook. I have to admit that it was the best knife that I ever used since I was able to slice through the chicken with no problems and not have to toss too much of the fat into the trash. (That seems to always happen when I cut chicken because I am picky about the fat).


I like to think ahead or meal planning to make ahead meals that can be placed into the oven before a Karate class or after a baseball practice. With the bulk chicken, I decided to make chicken cutlets, chicken parm, chicken strips and free chicken pieces. That’s one tip that I learned when freezing chicken is to cute the pieces how I would like to use them. Since the chicken cutlets would be used as a meal with rice and another meal with pasta as chicken parm, it was easy to just cut the same size pieces and separate them after cooking. Again,the Nonstick Chef’s Knife just worked so well and I felt like a professional chef when cutting the chicken.


When freezing the chicken pieces with the FoodSaver V2460 Advanced Design Vacuum Food Sealer, I would recommend placing the chicken on wax paper in the freezer for maybe 30 min before using the vaccum food sealer. It works better and doesn’t suck in the juice from the chicken. Also, make sure to mark the date and type of cut that you are freezing.

With the 6lbs of chicken, I was able to provide the family with 3 meals that week and a quick meal for another week. The left over chicken cutlets (pictured) will go into salads for lunch and add sauce with mozzarella cheese on it to make chicken parm.  The chicken strips are made with cream of chicken soup, which makes a quick and easy meal even with the pieces.



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