Ice Cream Served Party Style!


Ice Cream Served Party Style!

Looking for ideas to serve Ice Cream at a party? Check out this frugal living tip that will help your guests enjoy the sweet without any melting while serving. My son Jaxon has a summer birthday and it’s always hard dishing out ice cream with the hot heat. Actually, it’s a pain to dish out ice cream at a party during any season, so I once saw this idea online and thought to give it a try.

This saves so much time and money because people can take extra and there isn’t much wasted or melted.

I purchased 3 half gallons of ice cream, a package of bright multi-colored cupcake liners, and plain white party cups.  We lined a couple of cupcake sheets with cupcake liners, and used an ice cream scoop to place equal amounts into each liner. them into said  liners.  Then, off to the freezer they went.  There.  Ice cream scooped.  And the day before the party, no less!   When party time came, we whisked the cupcake sheets from the freezer, and set them beside all the other pre-made goodies on the table.  Everyone was able to choose their own flavors and number of scoops.  Easy peasy.

You can also add a toppings bar so everyone can have fun by creating their own sundae. Have you tried serving ice cream this way? My family and friends always gets a kick out of how easy it is to do and the kids LOVE it!


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