Keep the Kids Busy over break with K’NEX!


I am excited to announce that I will be working with K’NEX as a Brand Ambassador, which means that you will be reading about all the cool products that K’NEX offers and how my crazy kids are staying busy over break with K’NEX products.

First, let’s start by refreshing you about the ages of my children. Lucas, age 6, just graduated from Kindergarten last week (yes, on May 10) and will spend the summer driving me crazy with wanting to stay busy while I have to keep up with the other two kids, Mollie 3 and Jaxon 22 months. I have learned at this point of motherhood, that logs and blocks work very well to keep kids busy when you need that time to get the house in order or make meals. K’NEX has so many cool products that engage my children both physically and mentally.

According to Health and Wellness at Vanderbilt University, “Children gain powerful knowledge through Play.”   For example, in the manipulatives of children working a puzzle, building blocks or logs, children learn a number of lessons such as:

  • Small muscle control
  • Eye-hand coordination
  • To increase their focus ability and concentration skills
  • Parts-to-whole concepts
  • One to one correspondence and sets


Knowing this type of information, makes it more important to me that my children are learning outside of school and that is how K’NEX products can benefit this learning process. A few weeks ago I received a number of products to review from K’NEX, which I will be posting through the rest of the month.This week we will be sharing our reviews on Lincoln Log Horseshoe Hill Station and Tinker Toy Pink Building Set.

I have turned to KNEX so many times this week since my son is finished with school for the year. I am excited that these products will be used throughout the summer to stimulate his creativity and also keep him busy over the break. A few times during the week, I pulled the products pictured above in order to prepare dinner. Thank goodness it has worked and allowed me to get food on the table before rushing out to night activities.

Stay tuned for updated reviews on the KNEX products pictured above and also some of the other neat items that kids will enjoy over the summer break.

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