K’NEX–Super Mario Bros. Wii Mystery Pack Series Review



If you have a Super Mario Bros. Fan in your house, you are probably familiar with the new Mystery Pack Series. We have gotten a little obsessed with collecting all of KNEX Mario characters. It has gotten to the point that we now feel them at Walmart to try and guess the character. Lucas had fun building a house for K’NEX–Super Mario Bros. Wii Mystery Pack Series 

Screen Shot 2013-06-23 at 6.19.11 AM

  • Young
    builders can create a castle, flower, cat and more
  • 150 durable, lightweight plastic pieces
  • 15 Easy-to-assemble ideas for all skill levels
  • Comes in a durable box with lid for easy storage and
  • Suggested ages 3





This is what Lucas has to say about the K’NEX–Super Mario Bros. Wii Mystery Pack Series “I like playing KNEX Mario Toys with my sister, Mollie.  She is princess Peach and I am all the boy characters. Sometimes Jaxon likes to steal my Mario toys and break off the heads. He loves fixing the toys and mixing them up. One time, Jaxon put the Mario head on the Princess Peach body.  Mollie and I play Mario in the car and at home. I protect my Mario toys from Jaxon and hide them in my top drawer so he can’t reach them.  When Jaxon plays with my Mario toys he cries for WaWa and GiGi (that’s Mario and Luigi in baby language. I so love my K’NEX Super Mario Toys!” 

Disclosure: We were given Super Mario Bros. Wii Mystery Pack Series in order to complete the review. All opinions are 100% mine and Lucas’.

Just a reminder that KNEX is searching for the next
KNEXpert (a really neat kids

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