Little Passports Review and Giveaway

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Little Passports Review and Giveaway (see below)

Kids jump with joy each month by receiving special delivery filled with an exciting adventure from Little Passports.

Little passports workbook

Little Passports takes your children on a journey around the world, all from your own living room! If you haven’t heard of Little Passports, take a minute to learn about their wonderful packages that are delivered to your front door each month and teach your children (and sometimes us parents!) about different places around the world. It is a perfect addition to your homeschooling curriculum or for any parent looking to put a littlefun in learning! The journal allows kids to document what they are learning.


Little Passports- Save 40% off First Month Subscription!

The best part of Little Passports is all the little goodies that come with your packages each month, like a mini suitcase, passport, stickers and more! The kids love it and so will you when they start spouting out neat facts about countries around the world! Check out LittlePassports today and get 40% off with the code: OFF40.

Try it today for only  $10.17 shipped!

Check out a short clip of Lucas trying to teach Mollie the states. Sorry about the baby in the background, I just thought it was a great clip.


I shared a Little Passports Review a few months back about how this makes an awesome gift for kids for the holidays or birthdays. I have been struggling with gift alternatives that will still be exciting to open and also engage the kids at the same time.  Since we started using Little Passports, my kids have learned so much about each state and to be honest, I even learned a few things. Not only does the Little Passports workbook document fun facts about each state, there are also learning activities and experiments to keep the children engaged. Check out the projects that Lucas completed when learning about Alaska.

Melting Iceberg Project was super easy and Lucas just loved it. We filled a class with water and ice, then marked the line to see if the water would increase as the ice melted.. What do you think happens?


Little Passports project 1


Glaciers Project- This was a project that required a little more patience. Lucas had to fill a cup with sand and water, then freeze and repeat after 30 minutes to see what it would look like. Then we watched the Glacier melt into the pan as we talked about the results. Again, this was a learning experience for me as well (I must have slept through Science class, haha)!

Each month, children receive packages inthe mail filled with letters, stickers, souvenirs, phoots and more. They will discover the wonders of all countries and cultures.

  • World Edition: Join Sam and Sofia as they travel to a new country every month
  • USA Edition: Travel with Sam and Sofia as they visit two new states every month

Little Passports is a Kids Subscriptions packed with fun activites and online games- delivered monthly for ages 5-12. Starting at only $10.95 a month, Little Passports allows kids to explore the world through the eyes of Sam & Sophia

Little Passports Giveaway A. Kelly

One Lucky Bucktown Bargains reader will win a 3 month subscription to Little Passports.  Here are your options for entering this giveaway that ends at midnight on August 22,2013.

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