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With the new year just around the corner, many people are thinking about making changes to their budgets and health to start the new year off right. Eating healthier is a goal for many people. However, this can be difficult to do on some grocery budgets, but it is possible to eat healthy foods and save money at the same time by developing a plan. Have you checked out Giant Food Stores new magazine, savory? Savory offers fast, fresh and easy tips that can help jumpstart your new year goals. Here are some ways to help you achieve those goals.

  • Changing the way an individual shops for food is the first step to saving money. They need to make a grocery list of the healthy foods that are on sale, and then buy only what is on the list. Individuals can have some to put back in their pockets if they become bargain shoppers. It is cheaper to buy all the items at one time instead of having to make return trips because something was not bought to prepare a special dish. If someone makes a return trip, he or she will be more prone to buy higher priced foods or junk food.  Organize a menu for the week, and then make a list from it to get only the essential items needed to prepare the food. By sticking to the list, an individual will not be tempted to purchase non-essentials or snack foods that are not healthy. It is also better to buy meats and other items in bulk, and then divide it before freezing into smaller portions to save time and money later. Check out this article on How to Chicken in Bulk and Save.


  • By eating healthier, individuals will gain energy and lose weight. One way to eat the right foods is to cook at home instead of going out to restaurants as much. Eating out can be more expensive than buying healthy foods and staying home. Planning the meals before going shopping will keep an individual from being tempted to leave home for the next meal. Savory offers step -by-step recipes, like the one posted above for Cauliflower and Cheese Puree– great alternative to mashed potatoes.


  • Clipping coupons or shopping sale cycles is another way to save money. Savory has money-saving offers inside of each magazine from discounted products to even free product coupons.


  • A great way to save money is to eat less meat. Meat is an expensive food item that can be reduced on a diet for a healthier meal. A person can limit the number of meals each week that contains meat and substitute other items like beans or eggs for their protein. Looking for some meatless recipes? Download Savory magazine app and check out the step-by-step videos.


  • Fish is a healthy food for individuals, but fresh fish can be too expensive for some budgets. The alternative is to use frozen fish or fish  from a can such as salmon or tuna. These are cheaper but still offer some beneficial ingredients. One of my favorite recipes in savory is the fish tacos with quick slaw

For more information on savory magazine, visit your local Giant Food Stores or check them out online.

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