Money Saving Easter Crafts Tips!

Money saving tips

A few weeks ago we started a series, Money Saving Monday, to help motivate each other for the 52 Week Money Saving Challenge. To stay motivated, each week we share some tips on saving money or earning money. This week we are sharing some tips to save money on Easter goodies. The kids also love to be involved in the crafts as well as tasting them 🙂

There are lots of Easter Candy Sales this week and also a few coupons for the craft store. I used the 40% off One Reg. Price Item from Michaels.  I shared some of my ideas last week on PA Live. Here are some suggestions-


 Peep Tree– You will need Styrofoam Cone, Peeps and Toothpicks



You can make these any with any color or style peeps. The only problem is that this tree only last a few days before the peeps got hard. This would be cute for an Easter party or to even have on Easter morning.



Chocolate can be very expensive and making your own is so simple. You can usually get the Candy Melts for about $1.99 at the craft store and just add a little oil as your are melting to thin out the candy.

Make Your Own Candy


Screen Shot 2013-03-25 at 2.24.48 PM


We bought a Bite-Size Bunny 24-cavity Silicone Mold for $9.99 (used the 40% off this item). Not only did we make our chocolate with this, but one night we decided to also make bunny cakes with the mold. The kids had a blast and the treats were yummy!



The best part about making your own candy is that you can mix different colors and also add Jelly Beans and Peanuts to some.




I have a secret addiction to chocolate drizzled popcorn and have spent a few extra dollars on this at the candy store. But guess what? It is so easy to make and for less then $.30 per serving. Just use your favorite pop corn and melt some of the candy melts to pour over the chocolate. Let sit for chocolate to harden then serve.

IMG_2045We also covered Oreos and some Peeps, too. The kids had fun putting sprinkles on the candy to decorate as well as adding Jelly Beans whenever possible.


Easter Egg Games



My kids love games, so I found some activities with Plastic Eggs on Pinterest and added a few of my touches to the eggs. Lucas is learning sight words, so I placed some on the eggs for him to have fun with while learning. I also put some addition and for Mollie just some numbers to identify.


For less then $1.00, we were able to create our own Easter Learning Game.

You can use Rhyming Words, Numbers, Addition, Subtraction, Sight word and so much more.

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What are your Money Saving Tips for Easter Crafts?


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