Multi-Season Hanging Baskets

Photo Source: Aymie Nielsen
Photo Source: Aymie Nielsen

Don’t you appreciate decor where the basic elements can be re-used season after season, but with a few “change outs” it suddenly becomes season specific?  My sister recently sent me a photo of one such creation that she made for their home.  The foundational piece is a wrought iron hanging basket.  What changes are all the fun additions inside!

First, she lined the basket with spanish moss (Found at Michaels.  Look for a 40% off coupon!).  For fall she chose to decorate with autumn’s characteristic foliage (Found at the Dollar Store).  The harvest pumpkin in the center topped it off (Also found at Michael’s).  This basket can hang appropriately hang on her porch from September through November. Would you like to know how she’s thinking of dressing it up for winter?  Here’s a peek:


Thank-you Pinterest :)
Thank-you Pinterest 🙂

For those of you who enjoy seasonal decorating, but find your outdoor space a bit challenged, this basket offers a nice solution. You get visually appealing decor without taking up any of your walking space.

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