My Nutrisystem Bikini Body: Week 13 #NSNation


Never in a million years did I think that I would EVER wear a bikini again (especially in public). While I was at Blogher last month in NYC, I attended an event and was given a free bikini from OPI to review. I like to try new things, especially when they are free to try.  In previous months, I have posted about free bags of M&M’s that I felt obligated to eat since they were free. I guess that’s just the personality that I have, but when I saw the bikini on the table up for grabs, I just snagged it and thought- maybe some day I will have the courage to wear this one (if not at least I can try it on for a good laugh). While on my family vacation, I got the courage to try on the bikini and was talked into wearing it on the beach.

Well, after 13 weeks on  Nutrisystem I can tell you that I no longer eat the entire bag of M&M’s (even though I haven’t had one since I started the system, I can no control myself from eating the entire bag.  Above is a picture of me with Mollie at Great Wolf exactly one week before starting Nutrisystem.  I had no idea that rather than hiding myself in a bathing suit, I would be holding my head high wearing a bikini on the beach.

To this date I have lost 30lbs and I feel great.  I actually have more energy and look forward to getting dressed in real clothing (even bathing suits).  It also helps that I have a huge support system (even though my 83 year old grandfather told me that I looked a little heavy on TV a few days ago- I will just tell myself it was the clothing).  I think it’s so important to make sure that your family is aware of your desire to not only drop a few pounds, but also change the way you think about food. It shocks me that you are supposed to have a money full of protein and a night full of carbs.  I definitely didn’t realize that pop corn would be my go to snack (up to 3 cups a day).

And, I am such a dork when it comes to bragging and talking about Nutrisystem.  I am always telling people that I am on Nutrisystem. Even if they say, “I like her haircut.” I reply and say, “oh thanks, did you know that I am on Nutrisystem?” I know, such a dork! But I just want to scream it from the rooftop how much I Heart Nutrisystem!

Now, remember that I was at the beach with three kids and I quickly realized that although I felt great in a bikini, I think those days may be long gone for this mama (it’s a little difficult to chase children on the beach..haha) For the rest of my vacation, I stuck to the tank-kini 🙂

Follow my progress weekly  on the blog (but I am sure you can read complaints success daily on Facebook and twitter..) Read how I got started and what was going through my mind here. 

Disclaimer:  Nutrisystem is sending me 4 months of products in return to share my experience. All opinions are 100% mine and are not altered in any way.

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