February is National Children’s Dental Health Month: Guest Post Dr. Jessica Falk

Every February dentists in our area, along with the Pennsylvania Dental Association
and the Scranton District Dental Society, celebrate National Children’s Dental Health
Month. The local dental society hosts many events throughout the month, geared
towards educating children about the importance of good oral health. Dentists also
visits many local schools to talk with children about developing good eating habits and
scheduling regular dental visits to get a good start on a lifetime of healthy teeth and

Dr. Jessica Falk, an Orthodontist in the Mid Valley area, and Mrs. Lisa Reeves, an
official tooth fairy associate, have visited a number of area schools, talking with
preschool and elementary school aged children. Mrs. Lisa Reeves presents a wonderful,
kid friendly presentation about the tooth fairy and how to properly brush your teeth and
Dr. Falk discusses easy steps kids can do to keep their teeth and mouth clean when it
is hard to brush, like at school, as well good food choices that kids might love too! Dr.
Falk also reviews what a child might experience on a trip to the dentist. Each child is
urged to see the dentist every 6 months for a thorough exam and cleaning. Each child
also receives a new tooth brush, tooth paste, a tooth brushing timer, a case in which to
keep lost baby teeth, and some dental related games, sponsored by the Scranton District
Dental Society and Dr. Falk.

Dr. Falk and her tooth fairy associate are proud and eager to meet local children and
bring a little fun to National Children’s Dental Health Month! If you have any dental
related questions, can you can reach Dr. Falk and the tooth fairy at 570-346-1822. Their
office is located at 233 Main Street in Blakely.

My kids use thisTwooth Timer Twooth Timer which can be purchased for $10.99. Now, I know that many of you are thinking a timer for that price but when it comes to brushing teeth, it seems that my kids feel that 30 seconds is enough time. They have learned that they need to set the timer to 2 min before brushing and they love to hear the buzzer go off.

You can also download Tooth Brushing worksheets to encourage kids to brush!

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