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New Years Resolutions Failed throughout 2013, but that has taught me a few lessons to extend them longer in 2014. First, let me just wish everyone a Happy New Year. The kids and I celebrated last night with a hot dog and mac & cheese party with a youtube video of the ball dropping at about 9pm (side note-hubby was working). As I reflect on the past year and think about things that I would like to change for 2014, I can’t dismiss the feeling of failure from my New Years resolutions from last year.


Just like many, I planned on saving more money and wrote about how to Budget Money for the New Year. I saved for the first few weeks, then the 3 kids had ear infections in March and a trip to the Ears, Nose, and Throat cost me $75, so I kinda gave up. Between doctor visits and prescriptions, I think that week cost us well over $125. I guess that I gave up on the Challenge and even posting about it because I was embarrassed that I couldn’t save more. Lesson learned for the new year is that it doesn’t matter when you start the challenge or if it isn’t the full 52 weeks. Never be embarrassed when providing for your family, especially when unexpected doctor visits come around.  Second lesson learned, I need to have a budget or savings for doctor visits, prescriptions and medicine for the kids.

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Another resolution was to get healthier. I started to get off track a few months after finishing the Nutrisystem Weight Loss Program and my clothes weren’t fitting like they should for the summer. So, in mid April, I decided to try a Bargain Cleanse by eating just fruit and veggies. This was mainly because I really want to try some other fad diets, but didn’t have the extra $200 to do it, so I thought I would try my own. I felt great after completing the cleanse, but was ready to fall over on the last day.  My goal was to add more fruits and veggies to my diet, but of course that didn’t happen. The all or nothing approach that I took during the 7 day cleanse kinda turned me away. The lesson learned for this year is that it doesn’t have to be a total cleanse, but to eat healthier when possible and not to get discourage or let others make me feel that my eating habits are terrible.


The last one that I truly feel that I failed was spending quality time with my children. I recently went back to work this September after a 4 year maternity leave and found it very hard to balance my time. First I had a hard time accepting that I couldn’t retire early and stay home with my kids until they went to school and then the guilt of leaving them in childcare kinda consumed my days (and nights) for awhile. I finally found a balance in early November and that meant making the time with the children more about them and blogging early in the morning or late at night. The lesson that I learned with this is that it’s ok for mommy to be on the computer at times and I shouldn’t feel guilty whether I am blogging, shopping, checking facebook or reading emails. It’s ok for me to have some “mommy time”!

Those are just a few New Years Resolutions that I can reflect upon right now as I sit on the very first day of 2014 and I think about topics that I have written about and then stopped writing about them because I felt like a failure. After reading the endless posts on facebook feeds today about new years resolutions, one that I can’t stop thinking about is there was a segment on the Today show on choosing a single word and trying to remember that word in your everyday life for the next year. I seriously thought about this all day today and couldn’t figure out that one word until now. Forgiveness! I need to forgive myself for not reaching my goals and stop being so hard on myself. It’s going to be a challenge, but I am going to try to make some of my resolutions into habits and mainly forgive myself if there are days that I fail to meet my own expectations.

I wish you all a Happy New Year and am asking- what is your single word?

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