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Just Like a Consignment Shop – But All Online!

ThredUp is my new favorite online shop to buy and sell practically new clothing for both women and kids.  If you are looking to sell used clothing online for cash, make sure you read about the super easy process from thredup.

After weeks of driving around with a bag of clothes in my trunk, I finally brought some items to a local consignment shop but only to leave the shop with less than $10 because my items weren’t what they were looking for and another shop I had to leave all my clothing and get paid when it sells. That’s what is so great about ThredUP, there is no wait!


I ordered the bag, filled it with clothing from my closet and items from the kids’ closet and I left the bag for the mailman to pick up. That was it. I selected to donate the items that didn’t sell and within weeks, I had a deposit of $27 into my account. Not bad for not leaving the house. Plus, I can either Cash the money out through PayPal or use the money to shop.



Not only is ThredUp a great place to sell, but you can also shop and here is a free $10 credit to ThredUp.

About the Shop at

ThredUp accepts women

1)     Top brands: Since our clothing comes directly from other families, we have all the brands that parents love. Prices start at $2.99 and are up to 80% off retail prices.

2)     Quality first: Every item sold on thredUP has passed rigorous quality inspections and is in practically new condition.

3)     New arrivals every minute: Unlike your local consignment store, thredUP has a national network of families sending in clothing. That means we list new great clothes every minute.

thredUP buys pre-owned clothing from families across the country, hand-selects the best items and resells them online for up to 80% off retail prices. Parents don’t even have to leave the house to buy or sell.

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How Clean Out Works:

1)     Order a bag: When you are cleaning out clothes from children’s closet or women’s closet, order a free thredUP “Clean Out” bag online. Sends in your clothes anytime! Unlike eBay or Craigslist, you don’t have to wait for someone to buy it.

2)      Fill the bag with consignment-quality clothing. thredUP has only buys and resells clothing in like-new condition, so make sure you review the standards page before sending in clothes.

3)     Send in bags to thredUP for free using prepaid postage. We include USPS and UPS shipping labels so you can choose which is more convenient.

4)     Earn cash: We pay you upfront for every item we think we can resell to other families on’s shop. You’ll earn 20-40% of each item’s estimated resale value.

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Head over to to order your clean out bag and don’t forget about your FREE $10 credit to shop!

Disclosure: This post is not sponsored in any way by but is based on my experience using the service. All opinions are 100% mine;however, there is an affiliate link in the post to share with you the $10 credit. 


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