Summer Boredom Buster

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Summer Boredom Buster

When you think of summer, does your mind conjure visions of children running through sprinklers, bike rides through the neighborhood, lemonade and Popsicles on the porch, and sun galore?  Yeah, me too.  On those days, there seems to be a plethora of activities for the children to involve themselves with.  But truthfully, there are quite a few days when the sky is loaded with dark, foreboding clouds waiting to burst at a moments notice.   The later has been our circumstance this week.  So what’s a mama with 5 Chickens under her roof to do?  We could watch a program they have DVR’d on the TV (we do that).  And we could play a video game on the iPad (yes, we do that too).  But those things seem to get us into a rut, and I wanted my children’s eyeballs to look fresh, alert, and alive at the conclusion of whatever we decided to do.  In the end, we piled into the van and  took a “thrifty” trip to our local Goodwill where we found oodles of new board-games just waiting for new owners to love them again!  Want to know what they cost?  50 cents each.  Seriously.  All in all, we walked out of the store with 6 new games for a total of $3.  What else can you do with 5 children that costs $3?!!  When we arrived home, they each took a different game.  They checked out the pieces and read the directions so that when we all gather to play, one of us is able to give the “how to” of it all.   Now when those dark clouds roll in, we’ve got a stock pile of fresh games to pull us on through until the sun shines again.  🙂


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