Thrifty Craft Thursday: Valentine Felt Fortune Cookies


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Thrifty Craft Thursday: Valentine Felt Fortune Cookies

Have you noticed that Valentine’s Day seems to brings out the craftiness in people?  Maybe it’s that sentimental, “from the heart” thing???  I don’t know, but I DO love to see the ideas that begin to flood the digital world this time of year.   Think back a few, er, okay maybe  20 (or more) years.  Do you all remember decorating shoe boxes in elementary school?  The ones that serves as mailboxes to hold Valentine Cards from our classmates?  I LOVED making those mailboxes!  As  children my siblings and I always made homemade Valentine Cards.  They were usually simple construction paper hearts written on and embellished with a good ol’ Crayola.  These days, I still enjoy making handmade Valentine’s with my own Chickens.  Sometimes it’s less expensive than purchasing the little paper ones at the local convenience store, but it’s always more memorable.  Our 5th Grade-elementary-aged-Chicken isn’t really interested in giving his friends kittens and cartoon character’s anymore either.  So, when I saw this idea for Felt Fortune Cookie Valentine’s, I ran it passed the young ones.  Not only did they like them, but they began to come up with other ideas for what to write inside….maybe poetry?  perhaps a kind word of encouragement?  You choose.  Make them as individual as the people you’re giving them to!    Although I’ve seen these here and there, I loved the photo tutorial done by Elizabeth of SimpleSimonandCo during a guest post on itsalwaysautumn.


  • felt squares
  • pipe cleaners
  • hot glue gun
  • strips of paper with sweet sentiments written on them
  • small candies (optional)


1: Cut 4-5″ Cicles out of the felt.  You will probably get about 4 out of each piece of felt.
2:  Hot glue a section of pipe cleaner into middle of felt circle.
3:  Fold in half
4:  Squish the middle as shown
5:  Pull edges of circle down to form the fortune cookie.  (The pipe cleaner will hold it in place.)
6:  Carefully peel back one flap of the felt cookie, and insert a paper fortune/message and a few candies. Fold the flap back over to close cookie around contents.
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