Thrifty Craft Thursday: Yarn Letters

yarn letters

Thrifty Craft Thursday: Yarn Letters

We’re in the middle of a few house reno’s.  Part of the renovation includes moving our washer and dryer from the downstairs shoe box sized bathroom, upstairs.  Using one of the bedrooms for a laundry room means the Girl Chicken’s are adding a bunk-mate to their room.  They are excited about sharing a room AND redecorating.  🙂  The older two girls already had those nice store bought 3-D type letters that spelled out their names.  Not wanting the Littlest Chicken to be left out, they wanted to find letters for her name as well.  Since we seem to thrive on all things creative, we are eager to give these baby’s a “go”!

If you just so happen to enjoy the yarn look itself, you can always just purchase those pre-made letters and wrap away!  BUT.  I came across a post by Jen of and saw how we could  make the very letters out of something as simple as a cereal box.   Ahhh, I love it when creativity and frugality shake hands!    Here’s what you’ll need to make yarn letters of your own.



  • cardboard
  • pen or pencil (…or maybe the quickest grab for some of us is a marker or crayon)  🙂
  • scissors
  • tape
  • hot glue gun (or glue of choice)
  • yarn


1.  Draw your letters onto the cardboard in box letter form.  Remember you’ll need 2.  One for the front; one for the back.

2.  Cut them out.

3.  Cut out 1 inch strips of cardboard to use to form the sides of the letters.

4.  Tape all of the pieces together to form the box letter.

5.  Cut strips of yarn to cap over the top of the letters like this:

photo: jenloveskev


6.  Glue the strips of yarn to the cardboard.

7.  Trim the edges of the yarn.

8.  Use glue to adhere the beginning of the strand of yarn to the cardboard letter.  Then just begin wrapping that baby up!

photo: jenloveskev

Not too shabby, eh?  Another project that Mama and Chickens can do together.  Love those.

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