Tinker Toy Pink Building Set Review

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I posted a few weeks ago about keeping the kids busy during the summer with help from K’NEX! These toys are wonderful for rainy days as well as summer break since the kids are engaged and learning knowledge through play. We were given a Tinkertoy Pink Building Set to review and although it says ages 3 and up, I will tell you that all three of my kids had a blast, including Jaxon (age 23 months). Mollie and Jaxon spent hours trying to build different sets and also loved playing with the figures.


The set includes 150 pieces for the kids to explore and create their own masterpiece. Mollie (almost 4) tried her best to follow the directions but then started to just create her down buildings and that is what I love about the building set. Not only can kids use their imagination to build and play, but they can learn skills like patience and motor skills. Mollie also asked Jaxon to help her build, so I love the idea of getting the younger kids involved too.


Tinkertoy Pink Building Set retails for about $47.

Designed to encourage young builders to play and learn, the TINKERTOY Pink Building Set is ideal for children ages 3. Budding builders can create a castle, flower, cat and more using the colorful guide of building ideas or search their imagination for other enchanting ideas. The newly redesigned TINKERTOY pieces snap together and stay together for satisfying, long-lasting play. You’ll find the nostalgic TINKERTOY pieces you remember, plus unique parts such as bendable rods, wheels and eyes, allowing your child to add personality to their creations along with adorable buildable figures to encourage imaginative role play. The TINKERTOY Pink set comes in a durable box with lid for easy clean-up and take-a-long play and includes 150 durable, plastic pieces including spools, straight rods, bendable rods, wheels, eyes, two buildable figures and more. Rods, spools and flag pieces are made in the USA. Comes in a durable box with lid for easy storage and portability.




We the entire Tinkertoy Pink Building Set in one place so the pieces don’t get lost. By the end of the week the kids were making swords and even Lucas made a jail for his Mario toys.


Disclosure: I was given the Tinkertoy Pink Building Set to review as part of the KNEX Blogger Program. All opinions are 100% mine. 


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