Tips to Save Money this Summer!

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Gas or App

  • Find the cheapest gas on the go – for free!
  • Locate gas stations near you and see their current gas prices.
  • For every gas price reported, you’ll earn points towards our prize give-away.
  • GasBuddy is a community of users working together to update gas prices.

ValPak App


    It’s easy to save money with the Valpak® Local Savings App. Choose from 100’s of great local coupons in your area. Search by store, category or name. And when you find a coupon you want, just show it to the cashier for instant savings.


    Add coupons to your iOS Passbook, Samsung Wallet or Windows® Phone Wallet.


    There’s no longer the need for you to print your coupon before visiting the business. The merchant can now scan the QR code from your mobile coupon for quick and easy redemption.


    Group up to 10 offers selected specifically for you.


    If you choose, once a week, you will get a notification that the “savings for you” content is available for your viewing.


    You can share the coupons you like with your friends on social sites, via email, SMS text, or iMessage® them to your friends on other Apple devices.


    On the iPad® app you can actually print coupons to your wireless printer.

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The SnipSnap app allows anyone to convert a printed coupon into a digital, mobile format, which they can easily search and retrieve on their smartphone. All a user needs to do is snap a picture of the offer (be it from an FSI, direct-mail piece, newspaper, or otherwise) and the app works its magic to scan all of the printed text and images. Once scanned, a user can not only redeem, but also get expiration-date notifications and in-store reminders.

Buy at the Right Time

Consumers already know that prices rise and fall based on seasonal discounts, manufacturers making room for new products or stores trying to energize sluggish sales. But what if you’re hunting around for a major purchase? You can save hundreds of dollars if you time your purchases just right, and we’re not talking about just stocking up on chocolate after Valentine’s Day or gift wrap after Christmas. completed a study of when are the best times to purchase something. Click Here for a complete list of the best times to purchase your favorite items.

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