What to expect on The Ride, NYC

The Ride NYC

Looking for something fun to do in NYC? You must try the unique experience of “The Ride”. Wondering what to expect on The Ride, NYC ? Guests will have front row seats to the streets of NYC as a stage for a 75-minute interactive entertainment experience of Midtown Manhattan and Times Square. The Ride features five to seven street performances, two award-winning hosts, trivia, karaoke, and more! You’ll get to escape the heat of the summer and sit in climate-controlled comfort in this bus that sits stadium style, side facing seating with a panoramic view. The Ride also features advanced audio/visual technology, 3,000 LED lights, 40 plasma screens, and surround sound!


My family got a chance to experience The Ride NYC this Spring and we had no idea what to expect.  From the moment you stepped on the bus, the hosts were very good and kept you entertained the whole time with their amazing energy! They asked people their names as they walked in and were really good about getting the kids involved throughout the bus ride. They kept referencing back by calling out their names while dancing on the bus, “Check out Jaxon’s moves.” Jaxon got so excited as did the other kids. The hosts also got the people on the street excited by playing music outside the bus as we all did the wave.  I found myself singing and clapping along the entire ride.

The Tour



The staff did an excellent job of touring the city and educating us about all the landmarks. Lucas, my oldest, was really into learning about the different buildings and there was screen inside the bus explaining more details about each landmark including Times Square, Columbus Circle, the Chrysler Building, Grand Central Terminal and Bryant Park. You’ll explore the city in a completely new way through our floor-to-ceiling glass windows and stadium style seating!

The Performers

The performers blend with the street life to become a part of THE RIDE, showing guests an experience they cannot get anywhere else! You won’t be able to tell where the New York City streets begin and the show ends!

Came out of nowhere….

What to expect on The Ride, NYC


Why wait until New Year’s Eve to celebrate when you can celebrate daily on The Ride. The kids were so excited to count down to new years right in front of where the ball actually drops.

The perfomers were absolute stars so talented It was entertaining as well as educational with the nararration of the differents sights. “Only in New York” performances on the street was just awesome. Interacting with pedestrians and getting their reactions or lack there of was just awesome. We got a kick out of how many people were just rude and not into even waving to us on the bus. The kids got to see the real NYC watching others rush the streets and some homeless people pick food out of the garbage. It was neat to have them see a different perspective of NYC.

While going through the financial district, thought this guy was really a UPS man.


Mollie was excited to see the Ballet Dancer in the park. This was a show within the bus ride.



You just never knew who was going to be part of the show. They would look like regular people and all of a sudden they started singing when we were stopped at a light.

If you are visiting New York City, you want to buy tickets to experience The Ride.  It was a great day to relax and have some laughs while seeing NYC the way that you have never seen it before.

Disclosure: I was given complimentary tickets to review The Ride. All opinions are 100% my own. 

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